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Buy TM Token on LATOKEN

No Sign Up Required

Tokenmom is anonymous and do not need to sign up for trading. It is true decentralized exchange that helps to trade in realtime between individuals by using personal wallets(Metamask, Ledger nano hardware wallet)

No KYC For Confirming Personal Identification

Start securely trading without any identity verification. No personal information is required.

No Deposit/Withdraw

Tokenmom does not ask additional deposit and withdrawal. Only with Metamask and Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, users can trade their tokens in real-time anywhere, anytime.

No Hacking

Even if Tokenmom exchange is hacked or closed, it does not have to worry about it because users own still the assets in their personal wallet.

Easy & Simple Interface
Lowest Trading Fee

At the same time as Tokenmom is opened, the FEE for buy/sell or maker/taker for all transactions is 0%.

All Ethereum Based Token's Trading

Don't just wait for your tokens to be listed on the exchange. Any ethereum based token's trade is possible as you want.

Multi Languages Supported Interface

Tokenmom supports English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese too. More and more languages coming soon.

Tokenmom token
Tokenmom Exchange Token(TM)

Tokenmom Exchange introduces it's own TM token.

It sells only 30% of total supply, and it does not proceed with ICO etc, which can only be purchased on Tokenmom Exchange. We do not know whether it will be listed in other exchanges.

In order to maximize the profit of the initial investors, the price will be differentiated step by step and so the earlier investment profit will be maximized.

The target price of TM Token is 0.001$(about 11.6 KRW). Thus, investors who invest first become more profitable. We also aim to operate TM Market and the fee will be lower than ETH market, and the fee will be received as TM token, which helps Tokenmom exchange to regain TM token and so more profitable for investors. This depends on the success of both TM token's sales and Tokenmom exchange.

Token Distribution

- 40%(8,000,000,000) Free TM token to exchange users

- 30%(6,000,000,000) Founder, team, exchange maintenance

- 20%(4,000,000,000) Price stability and maintenance of TM token

- 10%(2,000,000,000) Reserved funds to prepare for problems


TokenMom is the Korean's First Futuristic Real Decentralized Exchange
Tokenmom does not proceed with ICO etc, which can only be purchased on Tokenmom Exchange.
Free trading fee for 2 months, After 2 months, the highest fee shall be 0.05% or less
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